Peter Heeley (1943-2011)

Peter Heeley, Devotee of Adi Da Samraj
A retired engineer from England, I have lived in Toronto since 1966. Before that time, not much seemed to go right in my life. But I suppose I should begin this story far enough ago to give sufficient orientation to my position and circumstance.

Early Life and Education

My early days at school offered little inspiration, and due to frequent ill health, I missed out a lot on attending grammar school. Then I switched high schools when our family relocated to what became for me a most charming part of Northern England, the Yorkshire Dales.

The new school was better than the one I left and I jumped into this school midstream, so to speak. But I never quite got a handle on things and dropped out at age fifteen. Finally, one of my teachers introduced me to a young man who had two carpentry and joinery businesses and I began an apprenticeship. But my employer was abusive to me and I eventually left.

After this, I spent a few years working on the local farm whose land surrounded where I lived. The work was quite enjoyable but paid little and was physically demanding for someone of light physical stature like myself. At the same time, I began to develop hopes and dreams to upgrade my education. So began a series of correspondence courses and night school classes that resulted in a few grade twelve credits.

I left farming, had a couple of accounting jobs and eventually emigrated to Canada in 1966. Similar work followed here, until, following more night school classes, I enrolled in the Haileybury School of Mines in Ontario, a mining program in Northern Ontario. And I did well. In fact, I was able to go to university by returning to the part of England I loved so dearly and attended the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom where I obtained a B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Mining Engineering.

Upon graduation, I was ready to begin my career and live an enjoyable life and fulfill my dreams. Since childhood and into late adulthood, my real dream was to fly. I would look at airplanes as though they were magical things. Such a wonderful creation as this could take me high into the sky where I was free. Many hours I spent laying on my bed or going for a walk, specifically to wander into my own dream world of flight. I wanted nothing more than to fly and build or buy my own plane. Nevertheless, I cannot say these dreams fulfilled my yearning for happiness. The mid seventies proved to be lean times in the mining industry worldwide, except in locations where I chose not to go due to political instability, and in due course I became involved with some certain financial projects my brother Maurice was working on. They only met with partial success. However, they kept me busy for the next twenty-three years or so, until I retired.

Religious Affiliations

In my late teens, I became loosely associated with the Church of England and many years later, with Scientology, but any affiliation with those organizations ended years ago.

During the mid nineties my brother Maurice came across a reference to Avatar Adi Da Samraj in one of his financial books, The Great Boom Ahead by Harry S. Dent. The book was dedicated to Adi Da.

Maurice was drawn like a magnet to the book and bought several of Adi Da's books. He began reading, and at the end of 1999, he introduced me to Adi Da's Wisdom-Teaching. I could not make much sense of what I read until I came across a book by Avatar Adi Da entitled The Lion Sutra (1995) and a passage that really impacted me.

The passage began "Simply give Me your attention" and concluded "Do this and prove it in your own case." I suddenly noticed I was feeling quite happy, so I kept reading and thinking about that.

Spiritual Life Begins

While standing in the kitchen about to do the dishes one evening, the statement that had caught my attention suddenly popped into my head again, "Give Me your attention." Then I noticed a warm glow in me, and I felt that sense of happiness again.

I began to read Avatar Adi Da's books. In the early days, if I went a few days without reading Adi Da, I didn't feel so good anymore, but I would pick up His books, and in a matter of moments, I felt good again, and the fact is I have been happy ever since.

During the period in my life that I am describing, I had several spiritual experiences.

Lying on my bed one afternoon, griping to myself about what life is like, I raised my gaze spontaneously to a picture on the wall of Adi Da. He was smiling just then, whereas normally in this picture, He wasn't. And a few moments later, His energy came down with great force through the top of my head, right down to my toes and filled my entire body. At the time, I didn't tell anyone about it, but I knew that this was Adi Da's Spiritual Presence. He was Blessing me.

At another time, while watching a video of Beloved Adi Da speaking, the onscreen picture abruptly changed to show Him walking down a path, and I became totally receptive to His Presence and absorbed in His State. In an instant, I intuitively saw and knew "He was and Is the God-Man!" This recognition was a great Blessing I received, and consequently, I began taking Adidam study courses.

On Boxing Day in 2007, I went to a bookstore in Toronto. As I walked, I was spontaneously bathed in an energy field full of Love-Bliss-Happiness in the right side of my heart, where Adi Da says the sense of separate self (the ego knot) originates. I also felt a pressure the size of my fist there, where He says He awakens you. And at the same time, there was a strong force pulling at my guts, purifying me.

Tears of ecstatic joy ran down my face as I tried not to weep openly in public and to retain some composure. I guess I "fell in love" with Avatar Adi Da's Divine Presence in that moment, so I just had to take my vows and become a formal devotee on New Year's Eve, 2007.


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